Human Remains; Mummified Body


Mummified body removed from the coffins of Ditamunpaseneb, daughter of Yufa, on 30th March 1903 and unwrapped by the Museum's director Henry Ogg Forbes before an audience. Cuttings of the bandages were given out and one was returned to the Museum by donation in 1987 (accession number 1987.75). The mummified body is now unlocated within the collections, possibly lost in the Second World War or unrecognised in the collection under a new accession number (e.g., 1967 or 1978 accessions). Bundles of mummy bandages were tied with string and pinned with a number ticket. At least three of the rolls have inscriptions on the wrappings. Presented by the 8th Earl of Denbigh and 7th Earl of Desmond - the donation included inner and outer coffins and a mummy - and some other items including a stela and scarab.