Human Remains; Skull



Human skull with lower mandible in two pieces, one held together with tape, plaster fill on the other section; some loose fragments; teeth are broken; discoloured in places and has surface dirt. From Armant grave no. 1487. Dr A. J. E. Cave, Assistant Conservator of the Royal College of Surgeons made this observation (in about 1932): "Skull of an adult aged about 40 - 50 years, thought to be male, free from any pathological trait. Marked brachycephaly; squarish orbits, horizontally disposed; high nasal bridge; full complement of teeth in both jaws, and all, save the third molars, very severely worn, due to admixture of grit (sand) in the food. Mandible with wide and stout ascending ramus at right angles to the body of the bone". CONDITION NOTE (1998): Lower mandible is in two pieces, one held together with masking tape, plaster fill on other section, some fragments, teeth are broken, discoloured, cranium packed with straw [removed] surface dirt.