The Icon - Lady Seanne



Lady Seanne is a legendary Liverpool performer. Artist Ben Youdan created this artwork of her in 2017. He explains the inspiration behind it. "Quite simply there is nobody quite like Lady Seanne. She is a truly unique presence and an icon of Liverpool’s gay scene. I have had the pleasure of knowing her for many years and she has been a constant source of inspiration to me. The art of Drag is fascinating, dynamic and multifaceted, it can be illusionary and real, a mask or a truth and is a powerful statement of self expression and a force to be reckoned with . Drag queens are warriors, mothers, sisters, lovers, custodians and an intrinsic part of our queer community and cultural identity. Lady Seanne is certainly all of these things and I have attempted to celebrate this in my portrait. The background collage is a visual biography of her life and work and in the main image I have tried to capture something of her unique beauty, glamour, wit, exuberance and humour."