Illustration to Milton's 'Paradise Regained'

WAG 6569


This is an illustration for John Milton's (1608 - 1674) long poem 'Paradise Regained' (1671), a sequel to the more famous 'Paradise Lost' (1667). The pen and ink drawing shows Satan with his minions on their way to tempt Christ for a second time. It is from a scrap album which contained a drawing by John Gibson (1790 - 1866) and two copies after illustrations by John Flaxman (1755 -1826). The drawing is a study for plate V of '12 illustrations of Milton's Paradise Regained' drawn by Spence and published in lithograph by J. McGahey of Liverpool. In the Liverpool City Library there is an incomplete set of illustrations for Paradise Lost, also by Spence. Spence was predominantly a sculptor and stone mason; he was born in Chester and spent his entire career in Liverpool. He was good friends with Gibson and influenced by Flaxman, as is clear in this illustration.