Incense Burner



Tabletop thymiaterion (Incense burner) similar in design to Etruscan candelabra, has curved tripod legs ending in hooves, a smooth shaft decorated with two lion figurines and ending in a shallow round dish with square surround. On each corner of the surround is riveted a solid cast dove figurine. On the base, between each leg is a pendant lotus flower, and the joint of base and shaft is marked by rounded mouldings around the top of the base. The round incense pan has a raised, toothed rim on top, and a smooth moulding on its lower surface where it joins the shaft. On the shaft, the upper lion is couchant, rather thin and angular with little surface decoration. The lower lion reclines, its back against the shaft (the surface of its back is concave and vas modeled to fit only such a narrow, rod like shaft). Its ears are back, it has a heavy, canine muzzle and upturned pointed nose. Incised lines provide detail on muzzle, eyes, mane, hind paw and forearm (the front paw is broken).