Inner Coffin Trough of Padiamun card

Inner Coffin Trough of Padiamun


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Padi-amun’s mummy was originally nested in a set of three coffins. This is the smallest of the three and unlike the other wooden coffins it is made of cartonnage, a kind of papier mâché material made of glued linen and plaster. The foot end was damaged by water used to put out the fire in 1941.The back of the coffin trough is brightly painted with the central area dominated by a painting of a large djed-pillar from the top of which issue two arms holding the sun's disc over a wedjat-eye. A simialr design is repeated on the inside of the trough. There is a patch of a resin stain in the area where the body's shoulders would have sat. Professor Percy Newberry made a copy of inscriptions on a record card in about 1910.