Inscribed Mummy Bandage card

Courtesy of National Museums Liverpool, World Museum

Inscribed Mummy Bandage


Currently not on display


Fragment of an inscribed linen mummy bandage with two registers, each containing thirteen columns of hieroglyphic text which are spells from the Book of the Dead concerning the negative confession (Chapter 125). Traditionally in the negative confessions, the deceased is represented adoring the forty-two assessors of the dead and declares to them that he has not committed any sins and that he is therefore ‘True of Voice’ and worthy of reaching the kingdom of Osiris. The names of the forty-two assessors are written in black ink in the top columns and each name is preceded by the exclamation "O" written in red ink, indicating that the deceased is directly addressing the assessor in question. The bottom columns contain the negative confessions of the deceased written in black ink, each preceded by the negative word 'nn' written in red ink. The text is to be read from right to left, reading downwards from the top of the column, as the deceased makes a different confession in front of a different assessor.