Inscribed Mummy Bandage



Strip of a linen mummy bandage inscribed with three lines of the Book of the Dead in hieratic writing in black ink, with one illustration above. Good technique. Joseph Sams collection MS p. 38 "Manuscripts, on fine linen, of Egypt, in the hieroglyphic character, a collection of - some also containing figures or drawings (14). Manuscripts, on fine linen, in the Demotic character some also containing figures & curious drawings (12)". Mayer Collection Inventory 1928: Fragment of linen from a mummy wrapping with a portion of the Ritual for the Dead inscribed upon it. 9 x 3 3/4 inches. Gatty Slip: Vide Mr Goodwin's list in the Mayer coll: Guard Book vol. 1, p. 10, no. 12. Formerly in the Sams collection MS cat. p. 63, nos. 280-1.