Inscribed Mummy Bandage



One row of inscription. Strip of a mummy bandage inscribed with line of large hieratic characters. Joseph Sams collection MS p. 38 "Manuscripts, on fine linen, of Egypt, in the hieroglyphic character, a collection of - some also containing figures or drawings (14). Manuscripts, on fine linen, in the Demotic character some also containing figures & curious drawings (12)". Charles Gatty, 'Catalogue of the Mayer Collection' (London, 1879, p. 38) "188. Mummy Wrappings; six strips of linen with portions of he Ritual of the Dead inscribed upon them in late hieratic writing, mostly the 18th chapter; on one is the name of the person from whose mummy they all most probably came, Har (or Horus), son of Ankhespeu".