Inscribed Mummy Bandage



1 of 12 strips of linen bandages inscribed with spells from the Book of the Dead in late hieratic writing for Djedhor son of Ta. The vignette shows the owner seated before a goddess. They were catalogued by Charles Goodwin in 1872 and appear as this in his hand-written notes: "(twelve linen fragments, belonging to the same mummy, but not capable of being pieced together) - contain fragments of the ritual - Late Hieratic script. Belonged to a person named Tat-Hor son of Ta." Joseph Sams collection MS p. 38 "Manuscripts, on fine linen, of Egypt, in the hieroglyphic character, a collection of - some also containing figures or drawings (14). Manuscripts, on fine linen, in the Demotic character some also containing figures & curious drawings (12)". Charles Gatty, 'Catalogue of the Mayer Collection' (London, 1879, p. 38-9) “189. Mummy Wrappings; twelve strips of linen with portions of the Ritual of the Dead inscribed on them in late hieratic writing; on one is the name of the person from whose mummy they all most probably came, Tatha, son of Ta." Gatty Slip: Vide Mr Goodwin's list in Mayer coll: guard book vol I p10, no 10. Formerly in Mr Sams' coll: vide MS cat: p63 nos 200-1.