Interior of Barbers Shop (Set for 'Queen Victoria')

WAG 1698


This watercolour painting depicts a set design for the play 'Queen Victoria'. The scene depicts a barbershop, complete with chair, mirrors and a welcome desk. The walls are yellow with brown panelling, skirting boards and picture rails. It is likely that the brown colour used represents a wooden material being used. Along the back wall is a large windor and a door that opens to three steps down to the wooden floor. A figure in a barber's uniform stands in the centre left of the page, behind the chair. They are wearing a white shirt, red waistcoat, black neck tie, brown trousers and a white apron which is tied around the waist. Another figure, possibly wearing a green and white dress, leans over the welcome desk. On wall to the viewer's right of the stage is a door, leading out of the room.