Interior with Six Figures (Set for 'Queen Victoria')

WAG 1702


This watercolour painting depicts a set design for the play 'Queen Victoria'. The scene depicts an interior with six figures in it. The room has cream walls with pink draped curtains hanging around the tops of them. Decorating the walls are panelling and pillars and in the centre of the back wall is a framed portrait. Against the centre and right walls are several red chairs. There appears to be a white pattern in the centre of the floor. Hanging from the centre of the cieling is a chandelier. On the left side of the room is an open door with an arched window above it. A female figure in a white ball gown is standing in the doorway. To the figure's right is a male figure bowing slightly towards them. On the right side of the stage are four more figures. Two male figures and one female figure are sat around a table and another female figure is sat on a red sofa seat. All of the male figures are wearing black tailcoats with black trousers and a white shirt below. The female figures are wearing large dresses.