Irrawaddy Flotilla and Burmese Steam Navigation Company, shipowners.



Photograph albums: Large photograph album, containing copy photographs (1-206): The photographs consist of paddle steamers especially built for the Flotilla. Large photograph album, containing photographs (207-477): Flag of the Irrawaddy Flotilla Co.; Salvage Photographs; Engines of paddle steamers; Pilot steamers; Tug building; Rangoon senior staff; Rangoon office staff; Belmont House. Large photograph album, containing photographs (478-714): Design for the Handbook cover, issued for British Empire Exhibition, 1924; Capital £2160,000 Stock Certificates; Photographs of Dalla Dockyards and foundry; Dalla Dockyard staff; Buildings and store rooms of the Dalla Dockyard; Kho Kim's daughter who christened the steamer Pekin; Rangoon foundry; Agency houses, with workers; Baby Elephants landing at Plymouth from the SS Arracan; New Rangoon Office.