Isabella card


WAG 1637

On display

A group of men and women sit around a table eating and drinking. One man is inspecting a glass of wine which he holds in his right hand; a falcon perches on the back of his chair. Another wipes his mouth with a napkin. To the right stands a servant with a cloth draped over his arm. In the foreground and to the left sits a man wearing a red hat, red tunic and white tights. He is leaning forward on his chair attempting to kick a greyhound which is being stroked by a woman seated opposite him. The woman is accepting an orange from a plate which is being offered to her by a man who sits to her right. She wears a long gown and has her hair plaited in a long braid which falls down her back. She sits on a stool which has the initials PRB carved on the leg. A pot of basil sits on the ledge of an arched window in the background, to the right.