J Gordon Alison and Company Ltd, ship repairers



James Gordon Alison established the Dock Engine Works at Birkenhead in 1875. Shortly after, he was joined by Peter Duff as a partner, who bought the business on Alison's death in 1894. Duff turned it into a limited liability company and it was liquidated to pay Duff's death duties. It was then reformed as a private company with the same name, and in 1977 became a subsidiary of the Laird Group Ltd. In 1991 it traded as Gordon Alison & Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of the Pasec Group Ltd. An advertisement with an illustration of the works, 1901, can be found in SAS/25F/4/11. The collection is accessible to any reader within the Maritime Archives & Library Searchroom, Merseyside Maritime Museum. For further details see the attached catalogue or contact The Archives Centre for a copy of the catalogue.