The Jangler



This is the very first issue of The Jangler, the newsletter of Granby Resident’s Association, made in December 2002. The Association came into existence in 1993 out of a campaign against the City Council and Registered Social Landlord’s housing clearance policy in the Granby Triangle. The Granby Triangle, a residential area in L8, was originally characterised by wide Victorian terraced streets near Princes Park. Over many decades it suffered decline and dereliction. Many of the original properties were demolished, deeply affecting local people. The residents of Granby worked together to develop a vision for their community and fight for the retention and regeneration of original housing stock in Beaconsfield Street, Cairns Street, Jermyn Street and Ducie Street (The Granby Four Streets). In 2011 the residents formed a new campaign group, The Granby Four Streets Community Land Trust, and took direct action to improve their area by planting, painting and organising market activities. Along with many other successes, including securing funding to renovate some of the homes, the Community Land Trust won the Turner Prize in 2015 alongside Assemble and Granby Workshop.