Carinated jar, burnished with a red slip red and white paint bands. Marked in black by the excavator with the grave number 368 A'07. Grave 368 A'07 contained a fragment of a stela inscribed for the 'Overseer of Upper Egypt, Amen-Wosret'. Within the Lady Lever Art Gallery collection are two items from 368 A'07: an alabaster jar (LL 5146) and a ceramic jar (LL 5635); within the World Museum collection is a ceramic jar (1973.1.377). CONDITION NOTE 1998: Incomplete, area of loss at top rim, chipped, pitted, white residue, some surface loss, surface dirt. Wellcome Historical Medical Museum accession no 13474/4: "Red pottery vase, as sketch, with projecting lip, in red Glaze 3¼" high 3½" diameter". Purchased at Sotheby's, London, 26 June - 6 July 1922 (MacGregor Collection) Lot 1718/18: "Eighteen others, including some very interesting forms; from Esna, Abydos and other sites".