Early 18th dynasty jar, part of the lower body broken and missing. Two vertical handles attached to the top of the body, thick neck with flat cicular rim. Three red slip stripes decorating the base of the neck, the rest of the body yellow slip. From Esna tomb 289 E'06. Marked by the excavator with the grave number in black ink, " 289E 06". CONDITION NOTE 1998: Incomplete, surface loss, white residue, running cracks from break area, concretions. Wellcome Historical Medical Museum accession no. 13546: Portion of vase with two handles, decorated at neck with narrow light and dark red bands; from Esna in 1906. 7" high 5¼" wide.; Purchased at Sotheby's, London, 26 June - 6 July 1922 (MacGregor Collection) Lot 1688/15: "A large unglazed pottery vase, with three bands of decoration in pale blue; six vases and bowls, from Professor Garstang's excavations at Esna, 12th Dynasty; a vase with pointed base, from Abydos 6th Dynasty; and seven other pieces" (1922, p. 219)".