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Courtesy of National Museums Liverpool, World Museum



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Vessel, red painted, lines, dots and wavy lines in red, pink and brown. Recorded as being collected at Bubastis. CONDITION NOTE (1998): Slightly chipped, worn, surface dirt, labels adhered to surface: one annotated in black ink "757/10"; the other with printed number in red "3393". Hilton Price collection no. 3393. Purchased for Henry Wellcome at Sotheby's 12-17 July 1911 lot 757/10: "Nine Pottery Vases of varied form, date and provenance; one (3345) of light pottery, from the Fayoum, has a rude head of Bes modelled on the front. And a very remarkable pottery Model of Archimedes' cylindrical apparatus of spirally-arranged tubes for raising water from the Nile for irrigating purposes; (3797); from Lower Egypt, and probably unique". Wellcome's Hilton Price sale inventory number HP 537 "Rough red coarse ware. Tech (?) shaped vase with a rim the base of (?) painted scroll decoration below the rim. Greco Roman. 3393."