Jar with convex sides, rounded rim and flat base. Base marked in blue with the tomb number "R40". Auction labels adhered to the surface "100/7" in three places. There are at least five other items fom R40 (Raqaqnah tomb 40) in the Egypt Centre, Swansea University. CONDITION NOTE 1998: Previous repair, chipped around break edges, chipped, pitted, abraded, surface dirt, discolouration Wellcome Historical Medical Museum no. 15188: "Arragonite vase with ovoid body and a sessile lip. Restored. With lid. 6½" high. 3¾" diameter. Pieces missing from the lip. From Abydos". Purchased at Christie's, London, 5-6 July 1922 (Ralph Brocklebank collection) Lot 100/7: An arragonite vase, with ovoid body and sessile lip-6.5 inches high; four Kohl vases, in aragonite, with lids and two in grey stone - mostly from Garstang’s excavations at Abydos".