Jar card

Courtesy of National Museums Liverpool, World Museum



Currently not on display


Jar with convex sides, rounded rim and flat base. Base marked in blue with the tomb number "R40". Auction labels adhered to the surface "100/7" in three places. There are at least five other items fom R40 (Raqaqnah tomb 40) in the Egypt Centre, Swansea University. CONDITION NOTE 1998: Previous repair, chipped around break edges, chipped, pitted, abraided, surface dirt, discolouration Wellcome Historical Medical Museum no. 15188: "Arragonite vase with ovoid body and a sessile lip. Restored. With lid. 6½" high. 3¾" diameter. Pieces missing from the lip. From Abydos". Purchased at Christie's, London, 5-6 July 1922 (Ralph Brocklebank collection) Lot 100/7: An arragonite vase, with ovoid body and sessile lip-6.5 inches high; four Kohl vases, in aragonite, with lids and two in grey stone - mostly from Garstang’s excavations at Abydos".