Pottery jar with red wash. Marked in black "18 A'06 a" [grave number] and "No. 110" [collector's number]. From the University of Liverpool 1906-1909 excavations at Abydos. Forty-eight items from this grave group were recorded during the University of Liverpool 1906 excavations at Abydos. The number 18 A’06 corresponds to a multiple burials described by John Garstang as a group of rectangular shafts forming a single group, and served by a mud-brick superstructure nearby. There are nine ceramic items from 18 A'06 in World Museum (nos. 1973.1.378 and 1977.109.97/98/107/111/115/127/132/135) a stone bowl (1973.1.244) and a fragment of a limestone canopic jar ( Destroyed in the Second World War were two ceramic vessels ( In the Lady Lever Art Gallery collection is a ceramic jar (LL 5618). CONDITION NOTE (1998): Surface chipped, surface is cracking, pitted, running crack from rim.