Ovoid shaped jar made of limestone breccia with two pierced lug handles and a flat rim. Most probably Early Naqada II in date. The rim slightly chipped in places, but otherwise in excellent condition. Sticker on the rim with the number 180 in ink. Base is marked in black ink "928", "E" and " £MR"; with trace of a number begnning with 5 in red. Compare shape with Ali el-Khouli, 'Egyptian Stone Vessels Predynastic Period to Dynasty III' (Mainz, 1978) nos. 1411-1423 (pl. 56). CONDITION NOTE 1998: Chipped, pitted, scratched, surface dirt. Danson Catalogue 2 no. 180. Sold at Sotheby Wilkinson and Hodge, London, 18 June 1923, Lot 29 "A red and yellow Breccia Vase, elliptical, with flat rim and two lateral tubular handles, 6 in. high; from Howali" (1923 p.5, pl. II).