Ovoid body, pointed base, slightly flaring mouth. CONDITION NOTE (1988): Pitted, surface dirt, chipped rim. The object is not marked with an accession number and as yet we are unable to identify donor/vendor information. However, the object has been marked in black ink 'D' then perhaps 'W'. This seems to be a mark created at the time of excavation, suggesting a find spot of Dendera (1897-98) or Abydos Cemetery D (1900-01). Information from the 'Artefacts of Excavation' website: "Mace led work at a pharaonic period cemetery (Cemetery D), an area that is part of larger North cemetery near the wadi leading from the Osiris Temple to the Umm el-Qa'ab. It is dated broadly as being in use between the late Second Intermediate Period through to the beginning of the Late Period." [https://egyptartefacts.griffith.ox.ac.uk/excavations/1899-1900-abydos].