Egg-shaped vase of hard cream-coloured stone with brownish red streaks (dolomite?). Lug handles and everted rim that is chipped in several places. The brown markings have perished in places leaving small holes. Has been considered to be from Naqada. Danson Catalogue 2 no. 192 (no sketch in catalogue). Label within the jar "Kennard 8". Purchased at Sotheby's 16-19 July 1912 Lot 8 (Kennard sale). Burlington Fine Arts Club 1922, 78 pl. XXVII. CONDITION NOTE 1998: Chipped rim, cracked, pitted, chipped, surface dirt Compare with Ali el-Khouli, ‘Egyptian Stone Vessels, Predynastic Period to Dynasty III: Typology and Analysis’ (Mainz, 1978) nos. 1292-1297.