Soft grey hard stone footed vase, perpendicular sides, contracted base. Two holes pierced in each side near the rim. Diameter of the mouth 56 mm. The base is marked in ink "No 30". Handwritten label by Francis Danson with object: "Jar of soft white stone Early Egyptian - Rustafjaell coll: Lot 76". Compare with Ali el-Khouli, ‘Egyptian Stone Vessels, Predynastic Period to Dynasty III: Typology and Analysis’ (Mainz, 1978) nos. 1250 - 1251 (but with holes not handles). CONDITION NOTE 1998: Pitted, scratched, surface dirt, chipped rim, running cracks, auction sticker 76/3 stuck to the surface. Danson Catalogue 2 no. 30: "Soft grey stone ?slate, 4 7/8 high 2 15/16 wide. Perpendicular sides and contracted base - 2 holes pierced on each side about 3/8 apart and 1/2 below top rim, probably for a sring handle or to hang the vase by. Slightly cracked - this is not strictly a cylinder vase. De Rustafjaell coll: No. 76". Purchased at Sotheby's, London, 20-24 January 1913 (de Rustafjaell collection) Lot 76: " A jar-shaped Vase with projecting lip around mouth; in black stone, 6 in. high; another of similar shape, but of hard white stone, 5 1/2 in. high; another, smaller, and in softer stone, 5 in. high, two holes pierced in each side near top and standing on circular foot (PI. IX)."