'Killing Eve' outfit worn by Jodie Comer

MOL LI 4/2021


"Villanelle's got an innate sense of style. That's what she likes to treat herself and express herself with.” Jodie Comer Jodie Comer is an Emmy award-winning actor from Liverpool. She plays stylish assassin Villanelle/Oksana in hit BBC America show, ‘Killing Eve’. Jodie wore this unforgettable golfing outfit in ‘Beautiful Monster’, Season 3, 2020. Villanelle and Dasha (her mentor) go to Scotland to assassinate an American on a golf course. In true Villanelle style, whilst playing golf, she attacks Dasha, the real target, with her golf club. Costume designer Sam Perry explained "I really wanted something bonkers to reflect her state of mind. It was exactly what I was after, the tartan pattern and crazy green monster fur couldn't have worked better with the scene.” AMC.com Lent by Sid Gentle Films