Copper knife with broad blade and tang, set within an ivory handle. The excavator, John Garstang, noted in his unpublished excavation report that the handle was so fragile he had to treat it with preservatives in situ before lifting out of the grave. This wax treatment along with a large white painted number (GN 125) was removed in 2017. Since excavated in 1906 the handle was assumed to be made of wood but it was identified as ivory in 2017. In the excavation report there is a photograph showing the knife in situ near the legs of a body. The photograph is annotated as being 36.K.06 but another photograph of the knife is annotated 32.K.06, as is a copper chisel. Copper tools and implements of Egyptian type have been found in richer graves of A-Group cemeteries; both of these items may have come from Egypt through trade. CONDITION NOTE 1998: Corroded, small area of fresh corrosion, handle cracked, concretions, discoloured, surface dirt, incomplete.