Bell-krater, decorated in the red figure technique, white detail on garments, jewellery etc. Side A: Deities feasting, including Apollo wreathed and dressed in a long, patterned white chiton entertaining with his cithera, Zeus seated, holding a sceptre, Dionysos holding a thyrsos with, satyr and two maenads. One of the women leans on her tambourine. Side B: 3 draped youths. There are large palmettes under the handles of the krater and a laurel underneath the external side of the everted rim. Athenian vase painters around that time are fond of showing Apollo and Dionysus together, often in a Delphic setting. All the figures are set up and down the field on a ground line of white dots suggesting pebbles or even the open air. This kind of representation is in the manner of the larger Classical compositions of free painting.