Lady Caroline (Costume Design for 'Queen Victoria')

WAG 1660


This watercolour painting depicts the designs for two female figures from the play 'Queen Victoria'. An inscription below the figure on the left reads 1839 and an inscription below the figure on the right reads Carrie 1845. Both figures have blonde hair styled in up-dos. The figure on the left is wearing a blue long-sleeved dress with a wide skirt. The bodice features large white frills along the collar line and a blue bow in the centre of the neckline. The figure on the right is wearing a red long-sleeved dress with a wider skirt than the figure on the left. The skirt is tiered and the sleeves of the dress balloon. The bodice has a white shirt-like section and white frilled sleeves emerge from beneath the sleeve of the red dress. The dress could possibly be open at the chest and worn on top of a shirt, or the white section could be part of the dress itself.