Lady Daisy and Lady Mary (Costume Designs for 'Queen Victoria')

WAG 1650


This watercolour painting depicts two costume design from the play 'Queen Victoria'. The inscription below the female figure on the left identifies them as Lady Daisy and the inscription below the female figure on the right identifies them as Lady Daisy. Both figures are standing with their arms slightly raised and both figures are wearing grey/brown fingerless gloves. The figure on the left has dark brown hair styled up with a pink lace accessory in the back. They are wearing a pink ruffled dress with a wide skirt and puffy sleeves. There are lines or pleats on the bodice. The figure on the right has brown hair styled with two pieces hanging below the chin at the front. They are also wearing a wide skirted dress with puffed sleeves that flare at the elbow. The dress is white featuring a pattern of pink flowers with green leaves. Both dresses sit slightly off the shoulder.