Lancashire and National Sea Training Home for Boys



The organisation began in 1896 as the Liverpool branch of the Navy League, and was founded by Sir Alfred Jones, Vice President of the League's Liverpool branch. From 1907-1908 the Home was called "The Lancashire (Navy League) Home for Poor Boys". In 1913 the words "Navy League" were dropped, and the word "Poor" was removed three years later. The name "Lancashire and National Sea Training Home for Boys" was used until 1945 when they were merged with the TS Indefatigable (Liverpool Sea Training School for Boys). The Homes were situated at Withens Lane, Wallasey and were available to any British boy of good character, health and physique, however poor and regardless of religious affiliation. It was claimed that the Home made a national asset of what would otherwise be a public liability, and local authorities throughout Britain awarded scholarships to the Home. The collection is mainly administrative records - minutes and subscriptions, but also includes three volumes of Sea Registers, 1903-1945, giving limited details of pupils. For further details see the attached catalogue or contact The Archives Centre for a copy of the catalogue.