Landscape, Banditti Gambling

WAG 2233


In addition to the historical and literary subjects that were Gilbert's stock in trade, he also treated themes of his own invention, such as this one, often showing figures in an indeterminate antiquated setting and engaged in some unspecific or imaginary event. Gilbert’s career as a watercolourist is closely associated with the Old Water-Colour Society, of which association he was a stalwart. He was elected an associate in 1852 and a member in 1854. In 1873 he was elected president of the Society, in 1881 obtaining permission for it to be styled the Royal Society of Painters in Water Colours. He was represented in its summer exhibitions every year from 1852 until his death, and also most years at the winter exhibitions intended for sketches and more informal works, which were instituted in 1862. On occasions he made oil and watercolour versions of the same subject.