Landscape with Phaeton's Petition to Apollo

WAG 1999.58


A classical landscape scene with seven figures in the foreground. The figures are in three groups from left to right across the painting. In the left hand group three female figures, one standing in profile and gesturing with left hand, one seated with hands clasped facing towards the viewer, one reclining with back to the viewer. In the central group, two male figures facing each other, one kneels on one knee with his left hand raised, the other stands with his left arm raised. In the right hand group, two seated female figures, the left figure leaning against the right figure. The figures are on a cliff or plateau above a lush valley. Left of centre there is a castle or palace, right of centre a temple surrounded by trees and greenery. A river in the centre curves towards the distance, past two farm animals; in the background the buildings of a small town or settlement and mountains. The sky is pink and orange in the centre left fading to grey and blue in the top right hand corner.