LL 6781


Lantern, of egg-shell porcelain, painted in delicate famille rose enamels; mounted on a silver base which fits a porcelain stand. The lantern is hexagonal with oval body contracted above and below. The sides are pierced with open-work patterns, enclosing medallions with landscapes and wise men. The open-work is bordered with brocade patterns in colour, inset with medallions of formal flowers and shou (longevity) characters. Above and below are pierced panels surrounded by pink and green diaper patterns. Borders of green key fret. The silver base has pierced balustrades and repousse designs on the sides. The porcelain stand (LL 6265) is hexagonal with cloud-scroll feet and open-work sides, pierced in swastika fret patterns with medallions of landscape and flowers. On the top of the stand is a flat flange with floral brocade pattern, from which hangs a valance with pierced design of archaic dragon fret enclosing a medallion with shou characters. At the corners are shou characters painted in black between bands of hatched blue.