LL 5949


Lantern, of square form in the shape of a shrine, surrounded by a balustrade and standing on a pedestal. On the top is a square beaker-shaped vase with pierced cover. On the corners of the roof are dragon-shaped finials, and the roof is bordered with eaves in tile pattern. The sides and parts of the roof are decorated with cloisonné enamel – dark blue, green, red, yellow, aubergine, and white in a turquoise-blue ground. On the sides are shou (longevity) characters between dragon scrolls; lotus arabesques in the spaces. On the roof are lotus arabesques and archaic fret borders. In the other parts are lotus arabesques and borders of stiff leaves. Borders of false gadroons on the base. The lantern has a pierced opening at one side which candle can be placed inside.