Large Silk Embroidery



Part of a large gold and silk floss embroidery on black satin. This piece appears to be just the top quarter of a large square hanging. Present are the top sections of two outer borders. The very outer border is decorated with two large serpentine dragons with four claws, in between these is a square Chinese seal. At the outer corners are a peacock (to the right) and a phoenix (two the left) both hold scrolls in their beaks. On either side of the outer border are large vases filled with flowers or tree blossom. The inner border shows a summer house to the centre with a wise man seated to the right and a woman with a ruyi (ceremonial sceptre) to the left, attendants stand behind. In the background is a raised dais with a table which holds scholar items and a pair of vases. Above this a plaque with an inscription. On either side of the summer house there is a procession of men, women and children bringing gifts and offerings. The panel is worked in very fine silk floss, gold, bronze and copper couched work. The embroidery is of an extremely good quality.