Larrinaga Line, shipowners



From the Guide to the Records of Merseyside Maritime Museum, volume 1: Larrinaga and Company, This business was established at Liverpool in 1862 by three Basques to run sailing ships under the Spanish flag. In 1870 a regular line of cargo and passenger steamers was started between Liverpool and the Philippines, followed by a line between Liverpool and Cuba. In 1896 a regular service was established between Galveston and Manchester. The company began to register its ships in Liverpool after the Spanish American War. Much of its business in the twentieth century was tramping in the grain trade and by the 1960s it was the last ocean tramp shipping company in Liverpool. For further details see the attached catalogue or contact The Archives Centre for a copy of the catalogue. The Maritime Museum holds three ship portraits and some of the furnishings of the family home in Liverpool are in the collection of World Museum Liverpool.