A two handled wide bowl with a conical body shape of the type known as a lekanis. The vessel does not have its lid but the rim has an indentation to perhaps fit the lost lid. The side handles are horizontal and they have at each of their side small lugs or projections. The external and internal slip is creamy and buffed. Along the middle of the exterior body there are three thin circular bands, two in dark brown and the middle one in red. The base is in dark brown with one circular thin band in red above it. The groove of the rim is painted dark brown and the edges of the rim in red. In the interior close to the rim and to the base there is also decoration of two circular thin bands one in reg and the other in dark brown. The slip is slightly worn at the exterior body with exposed white areas in the interior. The dark brown slip of one of the handles is faded, there is small breakage at the base and several areas of encrustration at the base and the groove of the rim.