A small lekythos of a long body, rounded base, thin and long neck, conical rim and one hanlde from the shoulder to underneath the rim. The decoration is in the black-figure technique and the scene is the same on both sides: two men, one bearded are trying to control a bull whose frong legs are to the ground his back raised. One man is to the front of the bull and his body kneeling towards the bull, his hands holdind the back of the bull's head. The other man is to the back of the bull, his head turned towards the bull but the body in a frontal pose, The second man's draped himation can be seen around his shoulder. One one side of the lekythos the lower part of the body is almost gone. Behind the man who restrains the bull there is a woman in motion she wears a long cloak and has a himation around her shoulders. her hair is tied back in a sakkos or polos and she has her left hand raised, the right arm bent and the hand on the waist of her drapery. The beard of the second man is in red colour and details such as the face of the woman and her hands in thick white paint. The painter uses incision for details of the folds and the drapery. Above both scenes there is curved line with black dots on each of its sides suggesting floral decoration and pehraps that the scene is taking place outdoors. On the shoulder of the lekythos there is band of romboid leaves, their pointed edges facing out of the shoulder of the lekythos. Another band of parallel verical lines is around the lower part of the neck, the external conical rim is in shine black slip and so is the interior. The handle is in black slip as is the lower part of the body and the base.