Campanian lekythos (oil flask), oval bodied, a tiered base. The lekythos has a long neck with a separate and thick spout which at the top is flat and circular. The side handle is in a lobe shape and it is from the shoulder to the neck. The lekythos has the red-figure on black decoration. The main scene on the body is of winged figure, possibly Eros seated on a rock and holding a lekanis above which there is a flower decoration and a smallivy shaped leaf. The figure's wings are in white colour and so are details on his hair and the necklaces across his chest and around his neck as well as the bracelet on his left wrist. The lekanis also has details and decoration in white and yellow. The other side of the lekythos below the handle has decoration in a large anthemion and large side volutes. From the lower part of the neck there are long vertical curved lines, at the base of the neck defined in a band