Letter from J. Levins, Ardee to Henry Boyd



Dear Mr. Boyd The boy concerning whom I wrote to you has changed his mind and is not at present going to emigrate. Indeed Mrs. Mc Donald had her fears on the matter that it was only the money he wishes for. However perhaps he may yet go and you can retain the money till you again hear from me. There is a widow and four children about emigrating to America from this town. She is going out to her Mother and brother and will not at all be a burden on the state, however it appears the Government of America is very strict and will not at present take widows and small children. I thought perhaps you would be able to advise me how they could be got off. If you undertake to have it done you must also secure a thorough ticket to Chicago. Please drop me a line saying whether you would be able to do so also when a vessel may be sailing in which you could secure berths, two of the children are I think underage. Yours very sincerely, J. Levins P.P.