Letter from McInroy Sandbach Tinne & Co agent, Peter M. Watson in British Guiana



A series of three letters (all on one sheet of paper) from McInroy Sandbach & Co agent, Peter M Watson to Messrs Sandbach Tinne & Co [Liverpool] dated 1838. On paper which has been folded to fit in an envelope, written in ink. Providing price details of various goods in 1838, and amounts of products from different plantation estates in Demerary (now Guyana). Also comments on the issue of the abolition of slavery apprenticeship systems in 1838- describes the support for and against. Similar to B/STI- collection of 13 letters to Sandbach & Co from agents in various locations, D/B/176/A-C- (Bryson Collection) letters from plantation managers in Demerara to Sandbach & Co, D/SAN- business papers relating to Sandbach & Co. Transcription available in collection file.