Letter from Vere Foster, Wimbledon to Henry Boyd, Liverpool, discussing advertisements and applications



Transcript Dear Sir, I would rather have the advertisements appear as per copy I sent, with addition of a local reference at the town where the paper is published. I have sent 600 of your small bills to as many correspondents applying for my tracts so I have 400 left. I thank you for informing me of the rates. I have received 926 applications by letter. There have been between 3000 and 4000 vestal applications in London, 3000 in Glasgow, 1000 in Edinburgh, 1500 at Northampton, 1000 at Newcastle, 2000 in Dublin, 2500 have been distributed in the villages about Norwich [?] and there have been upwards of 1000 distributed in each of many, at least 30, other towns. Yours truly Vere Foster I shall be always glad of hints as to effectual modes of advertisement - How about a copy of the red bill in some of the 3d London papers?