Letters from James Rowe/Wroe of Oldham having emigrated to America, on ship Emerald Isle, 1855.



Traveling with son Hilton (who dies 14 May 1855 from 'ship fever'). Wife and other children are in Oldham, wife is pregnant. Photograph (torn and dirty) of man, woman and baby taken in Blackpool, no date. 4 letters to wife and children, dated 26 April, 6 May 1855 from Tamaqua, Pennsylvania, 18 May 1855 via his friend James Shaw and 9 June 1855 from Chicago, Illinois, United States of America. Travelled to work and will get a feel of the place and if it is somewhere they can all build a life. Mentions people from Oldham, Lancashire, including his brother Jacob who are also in the area. Brickworkers/builders. Last letter from Chicago, where he has gone for work and having found work is asking his wife to come and join him (presumably with all the younger children). Two notes relating to the death of James's son Hilton - one from Dr David Hunter declaring he had treated 'Elton Rowe', the other by M Bailey, Superintendent, certifying that Hinton Rowe, son of James Rowe is buried in the cemetery of the M E [?] church, Tamaqua on 16 May 1855. James refers to the loss in his letters.