Letters from Reginald Mathew Sharpe, pantryman, Arandora Star, Blue Star Line.



Ten letters (some with envelopes, stamps cut out) written to sweetheart/girlfriend Miss Gertrude White, 6 Manor Road, Barnet. Letters date from 3 March 1940 - 27 June 1940, although one is dated 13 July 1940 this must be a mistake as Sharpe is killed in the sinking of Arandora Star 2 July 1940 and listed on Tower Hill Memorial. The letters give some indication as to the movement and role of Arandora Star and Sharpe's duties and feelings about the Second World War and Gertrude. Reference for Miss Gertrude White from J E Burchett, Headmaster, Barnet C of E School, 28 June 1948. Gertrude has worked as a teacher at the school since June 1934.