'Liverpool Counterpoint 15'



This print is composed to suggest the façade of a building with a door ajar in the centre. It demonstrates Kwami's interest in Ghanaian architectural environments as a source of inspiration for his work. The overprinted decorative elements are derived from Kwami’s sketches of Asante cast brass items in the World Museum collection (1974.30.413b; 1974.30.343; 1974.30.391; 1974.30.398; In the dark blue block in the centre of the print Kwami has placed the image of an Asante brass box. The image is from a study that Kwami made in 1999 of a brass box for storing gold dust currency in the Peggy Appiah collection in Kumasi. It is a box design that is still produced at the brass casting village of Krofofrom, located four miles from Kumasi, in the Asante region of Ghana.