'Liverpool Counterpoint 3' card

'Liverpool Counterpoint 3'


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This print includes designs based on Kwami's sketches of Asante cast brass gold weights and gold dust currency storage boxes in the World Museum collection (1974.30.343; 1974.30.391; 1974.30.398; 1974.30.607; and Asante brass weights and boxes are made using the lost wax process. The process involves covering a wax original in clay that is then heated to burn out the wax. This leaves an empty mould into which molten brass can be poured to create a brass version of the original wax object. In his print Kwami has boxed the disk-shaped gold weights within a confining grid. These sun-like disks, with their various radiating patterns, seem to glow yellow and red within their mould-like boxes to suggest the heat and energies involved in their original making.