'Liverpool Counterpoint 4'



Like 'Liverpool Counterpoint 3' (LIV.2015.51.3), this is another print based on Kwami's sketches of Asante cast brass gold weights and gold dust currency storage boxes in the World Museum collection (; 1974.30.320; 1974.30.430b; 1974.30.445; 1974.30.451; 1974.30.579 and 1974.30.599). In this print, however, gold weight and brass box forms are not boxed within the squares created by the underprinted "chequerboard" grid. Instead, they are positioned slightly off their squares, like gaming pieces in mid play, which seems to make reference to the bargaining "games" of the market place where Asante brass boxes and weights would have been used on a daily basis before about 1900. This print also makes reference to Kwami's visit to Tate Liverpool's "Mondrian and His Studio" exhibition in the Summer of 2014, and especially to Mondrian's grid-like "Broadway Boogie-Woogie" painting of 1943.