Liverpool Federation of University Women banner



The British Federation of University Women, (today known as the British Federation of Women Graduates), was founded in 1907 to bring University women together. The following year, a Liverpool Association was formed by suffragist, politician and social reformer Eleanor Rathbone and other local ladies. Members worked for women in the city by raising money, campaigning and supporting women refugees. This stunning banner was made for the Association around the time of its founding. As the very first minute book of the group was lost many years ago we may never know who and exactly when they decided to commission the banner, how much it cost etc. It is very likely that the University women were closely allied to the cause of Votes for Women, especially as many were denied entry into professions at this time. We know from the Association’s archives held at the University of Liverpool that the banner was used at University events. Their president reported in 1995 that, “Our banner is always an attraction and has been greatly admired”. Money was fundraised for the banner to undergo conservation in 2000. It was very kindly donated to the Museum of Liverpool by the Association in 2004. Read more about the banner on the blog