Liverpool to Leeds Canal, Lightbody Street

WAG 2159


Tankard was one of many Liverpool artists who participated in the “Recording Merseyside” exhibitions. The project was developed by the Liverpool City Council in 1945 to create a visual record of Liverpool after World War II. The first exhibition, held at the Bluecoat Chambers, was so successful that a further two exhibitions were organised in 1946 and 1947. During the warw the Walker Art Gallery was taken over by the Ministry of Food and used to distribute food rations to the Liverpool community. Subsequently all exhibitions between 1939 and 1951 were held at the Bluecoat Chambers. This watercolour was shown in the second exhibition in 1946. The Leeds and Liverpool Canal was a main trade route between Liverpool and the inland manufacturing industries. This image shows one of a series of locks that link the Stanley Dock to the Canal, and the arched underside of the railway line above.